It’s expensive having a child…

You hear all the warnings, and think having a child isn’t going to cost me that much.

Well, I’m afraid to say sadly the rumours are true. Trying to save for a wedding as well as bringing a new life into the World is rewarding but your bank balance takes a massive hit.

Even though Skyler wasn’t planned, I love her to bits and I’d be lost without her now!

Now I’ve never been known for my organised spending, in fact, as a student I genuinely survived for 3 months exclusively on Curry flavoured Super Noodles and Pickled Onion Space Raiders. I am now responsible for another human being.

I’ve decided to document everything that I spend everyday, because it’s the little things that add up!

A cheeky £1 on an orange juice at work every day doesn’t seem that bad but…

5 days a week = £5

4 week month = £20

5 week month = £30

£20-£30 on Orange Juice seemed excessive when I looked at the cold hard facts. So I’m trying to plan hard, take in pack lunches, and not spend money on anything that I don’t need. Simple changes such as buying a bottle of orange juice and putting it in the fridge at work myself now seems like the sensible thing to do.

I’d reccommend documenting everything you spend because you’ll get a really honest picture of how things add up.

Baby Food, Nappies, Clothes, Cots, Medicine etc.

Is it worth it? Every single penny.


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