Should you swear in front of your kids?

Look, I’m not an expletive-driven nutter who can’t put together a sentence without adding one of those little words that cause offence. I’m also no angel

I was brought up without any swearing in my house other than the occasional and traditionally British ‘Bloody’ making an appearance.

Here a little problem; It’s pretty much always funny watching kids swear – but not so much if it’s your own.

Thankfully we’re only at a stage where we get mamamamama and dadadadadadada

I guess the odd f-word creeps in every now and then, although it’s pretty much whenever I get headbutted by said daughter…

I don’t want my daughter to be surrounded by foul language but I also don’t want to censor her from the real world, especially since it’s 2015.

It’s a hard balance I guess, but I’m trying my best!

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