What will the neighbours think!?

Skyler is teething at the moment, which means she obviously wants a few more cuddles than usual and that she is probably in absolute agony a lot of the time.

Elisha is genuinely concerned what the neighbours think as she’s got a fairly large lung capacity so she can scream!

However, when she’s naughty I will put her in her room, in her cot and let her scream it out. Because I think that’s how kids learn, I’m far from a disciplinarian but I’m not pushover either tiny human. When she keeps getting picked up by Elisha though I think it sends out the wrong message – she can scream her way out of anything. I think it’s a balancing act getting it right but she’s a baby, baby’s are noisy. If her teeth are hurting, she gets teething gel and cuddles, if she’s just screaming because she’s been told off then she will learn that she can’t do it again by having 5-10 minutes of quiet time or when she stops screaming.

I think I’m doing the right thing but maybe not… Am I the bad guy in this?

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