Family Friendly: Frankie & Benny’s Kirkstall

I wanted to do a series about family friendly restaurants in Leeds.

We decided to take Skyler out for her first family meal. Now, I needed to get this right as it would have been our first meal out as a family. We headed off about 6:45 and as a treat thought we’d go to Frankie & Benny’s (against Elisha’s better judgement) instead of Five Guys, Pizza Hut or some of the other great places surrounding F&B’s on Cardigan Fields.

We went in and were seated quickly and told they had a ‘service guarantee’ – ironic considering how the rest of the story goes…

I’ll keep it brief, we visited, sat down and were given high seats, drink orders taken and brought then food orders taken not so long after that. All good so far. What wasn’t good was the following 45 minute wait, and on top of that the fact that they thought I’d be paying for a burger that I had seen sat on the pass for at least 15 minutes… I saw it and asked the server if it was mine, a sheepish ‘I think it is…’ had made our decision, I said I’d pay for the drinks and we’re off.

And that was it… didn’t complain to the manager, was too annoyed, let it settle and contacted them through the website. Was pretty much a bad experience all round and I had no intention of going back.

Now, in the interest of fairness I should say that F&B’s did get back in touch with a £20 voucher to apologise and whilst this was a nice gesture when it’s £13 odd a burger anyway I’d be out of pocket going back again with my family. I’ll call it a learning curve but I think me and F&B are done, if anyone can recommend a place that’s family friendly to eat in Leeds please let me know!

Service 2/5

Food 0/5

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