10-12 Month Check Up

Skyler got a free toothbrush! Yeah, I know, she’s already got one, but still free stuff and no injections – she even got  to play with toys. I envy children. Why don’t I get stuff to play with when I have a blood test?

Anyway, all is good! Although Skyler fell and had a bruise on the front of her head and had to face every parent’s worst nightmare of thinking, ‘I hope they don’t think I did this!’

We headed down to the Reginald Centre in Chapeltown, got parked and were greeted and sent to the health education room. You have to fill in a questionnaire before you go, and I don’t want to show off but Skyler is well advanced, and not even slightly in the danger zone. I put this exclusively down to my excellent parenting skills.

It’s an interesting experience as I didn’t know what to expect, but it was all really friendly and they’re there to help you. We were fine other than the sleeping routine, as she’s an absolute nightmare to get off to sleep! We got a leaflet which was helpful.

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