Leeds City Museum

What’s cheap, if not free and fun for all the family! Leeds City Museum of course!

Been loads of times before and it’s fantastic as the exhibitions upstairs change frequently.

Perfect for a family day out for those on a budget!

We had a lovely day, and there was a lovely lady who was dressed as a butterfly who played with Skyler and made us feel extremely welcome.

The only thing that tarnished our trip a little bit was that I had Skyler on my shoulders in the museum upstairs which I didn’t think would be a problem as she wasn’t causing any trouble at all and sat smiling as you’ll see from the pictures!

I was asked to take Skyler off my shoulders in the museum, which is absolutely fine (even though I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong) but rules are rules so I took her down. The only problem was that for some reason Leeds City Museum have decided to hire the rudest, most abhorrent and abrupt man with an over-active superiority complex to ‘guard’ the 2nd floor from a 10 month old baby who spoke to us in a way that I probably wouldn’t speak to my 10 month old. But there you go, I was brought up not to be an miserable ignoramus idiot.

Anyway, I love the museum, I’m not letting an silly man spoil my day so good family fun but be warned not to have your little girl on your shoulders!

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