Chris’ last Day at West Park Cafe

Ah, sad day, my best vegetarian friend is leaving the office. Has it got anything to do with my constant wind-ups? Probably.

Anyway, sad as I was to see him go, I’m always up for a lunch! So, with the rest of the team we ventured to into upper Headingley (West Park) to a quaint little place that you can sit outside in the sun!

The staff were lovely, the food wasn’t bad, although I did order a BLT that came without lettuce or the crisps that were specified on the menu. At £8 with a coke thought it may have been a little better than it turned out to be but there you go. One of our team got a quirky pineapple smoothie that in fairness looked bloomin’ lovely! As well as the Eggs Benedict in fairness. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing, but a BLT without lettuce or mayo was fairly disappointing.

Great people and lovely vibe but a bit pricey for what you get and my order was wrong.

Service 3/5

Food 2.5/5

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