Family Friendly: The True Briton, Sizzling Pub, Leeds

Fancied a bite to eat, somewhere cheap, cheerful and family friendly.

Like all great dads, I wanted somewhere that was close and could have a fry-up.

We ventured to the True Briton, one of the sizzling pubs.

As we’re saving for a wedding I couldn’t really justify the unbeatable breakfast or whatever it was called (even though I’d have demolished it. We went in for the bog-standard fry-up at £2.69 a piece. Bargain.

Now, the amount of places that could take customer service lessons from the lady behind the bar on a Saturday morning is amazing, and I’m annoyed I don’t know her name because she was fantastic. She talked to Sykler, made her laugh, brought out toys unprompted, got us a high-chair and even held Skyler! Even though Skyler was trying to play with the nice ladies ear-rings…

Look, the food ticked all the boxes, and was definitely better than average.

This said, you won’t find a better breakfast for a better price!

Food 3.5/5

Service 5/5

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