Gro Anywhere Blind Review

She’s a little angel most of the time but recently we’ve had issues with getting Skyler to sleep.

Part of it will be to do with the fact she’s got new teeth coming through but part of it is just because when she gets put down to bed she hates it. I think Summer, and the light evening haven’t helped as she sees bright light and can’t understand why she’s getting put to bed. Hence a review of the fantastic Gro Anywhere Blind.

I’ll keep it brief but it’s brilliant, and serves it purpose perfectly. The only problem is because it works so well I couldn’t take a picture of Skyler with it (hence the lighter pic…)

It’s really dark, and blocks out the sunlight even on the sunniest day. In fact it’s still up in Skyler’s room so she knows when it’s bedtime. We were a little confused at first putting it up due to the Velcro/Suction cups due to the small size of Skyler’s window but other than that it’s spot on!

It’s got a fantastic design and is easy to pack away, which is really useful considering the amount we travel to see family! One of the added benefits that may not have been considered is that this is a very useful tool of getting your children used to the dark without fear!

A fantastic product and I’d recommend it to anyone who either travels or just needs some assistance getting their kids off to sleep.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. All opinions are my own.

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