Family Friendly: Sukothai, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

This wasn’t my first visit to Sukothai, nor will it be my last. This said, it was the first time I went with an 11 month old.

I got the Tab Gata Lon with sticky rice, beyond delicious. In fact, it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in said establishment, and on a side note, you can never go wrong with the Satay Gai!

The food speaks for itself, and I can say all the nice things in the world about it but then you’ve got the good food guide to do that for you…

Where I can add my value is that we went in whilst there was a table of about 18 girls on a hen night, who were well-behaved in my opinion, we were sat as a little family in the corner at about 6:30pm on a Friday night. The staff were beyond brilliant, in fact, they paid Skyler more attention that we got (and that’s not a bad thing…).

They sang Happy Birthday to another table and there were a lot of pots banging which made Skyler cry (which was a little bit funny to be honest… #baddadaward) but they came up and were lovely and put Skyler at east instantly. I was very impressed.

My only one gripe was that we weren’t able to tip on card, and I was a little upset by this because the staff were near-perfect.

If you want to go out in Leeds for food in somewhere that is upmarket but not snobby you can’t do much better than Sukothai in Chapel Allerton!

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