Steak at Stables Inn at Weetwood Hall

So, another last day and another leaving lunch. The honour today on Joe.

Now, a classy lad, wanting something better than a McDonalds made us jump in the car and drive up the street to the fantastic Weetwood Hall. A beautiful building that offers that perfect setting for businesses and diners alike!

Anyway, they’ve been doing a 20 minute or your money back lunch menu which was ‘alright’. Thankfully today, we went back and that seems to be have knocked on the head. Instead we were treated to a new classic menu £8.95 and then a couple of quid for a coke.

So; medium rare (spot on), arrived – looked lovely, they’ve obviously upped their game.

The chips from Stables have never been less than perfect and I’m happy to say that this again was the case!

There was a cheeky mushroom and tomato on the plate too.

You can’t go wrong here, and for high-class pub grub I think you’d struggle to find better. It’s quick, friendly and you can have a swift pint if the mood takes you.

Food 4/5

Service 3/5

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