Girl on the train Book Review

I’ll keep this brief.

I probably bought into the hype of this book because of a lot of fierce marketing. This said, it’s everything I love in a book. Thrilling, twists galore and a fast-paced story. It was one of those recent books that I picked up and read pretty much start to finish. I just was meant to publish this review a bit earlier than I have!

To put it bluntly, if you’re into suspense/thrillers you’ll probably love it. It’s the story of a struggling alcoholic-dependent who nothing seems to be going quite right for. She’s basically a bit nosy, a voyeur if you will, and she watches people through the window of the train into the window of their houses. She obviously sees something that’s upsetting and a chain of mysterious events.

Unfortunately, I figured it out so kind of spoilt it for myself but the clues seemed to be too evident for me. This said, it’s getting made into a film I believe and reads like a cracking piece of cinema. I’d be interested to read more of Paula Hawkins work but for an introduction to a really interesting writer.

4/5 – Good but sadly the clues were too obvious for me.

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