Scare Kingdom 2015

So, it’s that time of year again… Halloween.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older but each year I become more and more nervous of these scare attractions. This said, I bleedin’ love them!

Scare Kingdom is a unique one, we want last year and I remember running through a corn maze thinking – dear god – why the hell am I doing this!? Fast forward a year later and I’m in the car again en route to said maze.

The theme this year was the Seven Deadly Sins, and each attraction had it’s own theme Gluttony, Envy, Lust (but we’ll come back to that too) etc. It’s well laid out and the surroundings are eerie themselves which really adds a sense of atmosphere. The characters were absolutely superb this year – I was genuinely impressed, and obviously disgusted (again we’ll revisit this…)

The first room made me feel uncomfortable, the 2nd maze slightly dizzy, then the constantly excellent Manomortis gave me my best scare of the evening. I genuinely could not stop laughing – I believe this may have been mild hysteria.


We then moved on to the Cabinet of curiosities attraction which was surprisingly effective with it’s claustrophobic feeling and special effects – I will not say anything other than that!

After this we proceed to Hell. When you’re witnessing the birth of Satan then you know that it’s going to be a bit of a tricky night!

Then we were on to, for some people, the last attraction of the night. I really liked the theme for this one and it stood out for differentiating itself from the other haunts of the evening.

And then it was over… for some.

You then have the option to have a beer/soft drink and get yourself off… or you could visit what Sun have described (and rightfully so I think it’s fair to say) the UK’s Sickest Attraction.

The group I attended with were the same guys from the previous year. Our friend Matthew Insley didn’t read the waiver, signed himself in last year and thought he’d be fine. When he came out he was shaken and wouldn’t really chat to me. A year passes and now me and Karl are stood outside. He quite ‘generously’ agrees to pay us in, I reluctantly sign and dread what is about to come.

Having an extremely dark sense of humour I handled it quite well I think – it’s intense, and even whilst queuing someone came out of the other end and a scare actor told the entire room that they’d screamed the safe word. the fact you get a safe word should give you an idea of the gravity of what goes on in there.

It’s aggressive, darkly funny, genuinely worrying at times, and leaves a bitter, salty taste in your mouth.

I experienced Psychomanteum.


See you again next year Scare Kingdom.

Get your tickets here

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