Thackray Medical Museum

When it comes to Family days out in Leeds there’s a load of really great places to go, one of my favourites is the Thackray Medical Museum next to St. James Hospital.

I hadn’t been in a little while so we bought new tickets (which are fantastic because they last for a year so they’re well worth the money!) and set inside.

Iron Lung Thackray Medical Museum

I’d completely forgotten about the olden day Leeds street sets and they’re fantastic. A great place to jump out at my mam until she’s scared to death. As I said, a great family day out. It could be a little bit scary for the younger visitors but Skyler didn’t seem bothered so no problems there!

It’s educational, at times disgusting but all round really worth a visit for an inexpensive and family friendly day out.

It’s also taken me up to this post to realise I probably won’t be winning any photography awards soon…

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