Family Friendly: Mustard Pot, Chapel Allerton

Chapel Allerton, a trendy, sophisticated, boutique-d area of Leeds.

Prominently featuring a Co-Op and everyone’s favourite local, the Mustard Pot.

It’s beautiful interior, warm and welcoming staff and beautiful gardens which hosts some fantastic events. Firework night is always a treat!

Anyway, we went with Skyler, she was fairly well behaved for a 1 year old, she didn’t cry but was prone to a little wander. Thankfully the staff were great and understood.

Everyone else opted for pie but I went for Fish and Chips with Peas. Although the chips weren’t what I was expecting the fish I think was the best fish I’ve ever tasted in Leeds. Batter was delicious and tasted fresh. They’d managed to get it crispy without it being greasy. Delicious.

This was all from the lunch menu so I look forward to going back again soon for an evening meal.

Definitely worth a visit.

Service 4/5

Food 4/5

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