Duck n Roll Trinity Kitchen

Today is Sunday so it’s definitely a good day to go into town and check out Duck n Roll which is connected directly to Chip + Fish.

Trinity Kitchen is always a good shout because there’s so much choice meaning that no one needs to sit and agree on where to eat because it works for everyone. A festival vibe with the food carts also makes it stand out from every other ‘food court’ that you find in traditional shopping centres.

Anyway, we both settled on Duck n Roll – a great place, a great selection of food (even if they do offer the morally questionable foie-gras) of burgers, salads and other great duck-based foods.

Duck n Roll logo

I settled on a duck burger with chips. I don’t really know what I was expecting but what I got was good! Delicious, hot, and damn tasty!

Skyler at Trinity Kitchen

Really nice guys at the counter and it came out reasonably quick. I’m not sure if I’d rush back immediately although that may have something to do with the wide range of options available. This said, it’s definitely worth a visit and for a family friendly Saturday lunch you could do a lot worse!

Service 3/5

Food 4/5

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