5 Minutes of Fame…

So recently I got involved with a campaign for Wynsors to show off my amazing dance skills! They’ve just released a new product to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday. Remote Controlled Dad Dancing Shoes! Now, I’ll be totally honest, this was my 5 minutes of fame, and I, as I’m sure you can see from the look of concentration on my face I put a lot of effort into this. These were also my good moves.

Skyler seems to love dancing at the moment, and keeps picking up me and her mam from the sofa to dance (usually to bizarre things like the credits to Come Dine with Me and Four in a Bed – cool, I know…) but I suppose if it gets me up and a bit more active then I’m happy to be involved. Especially since I’m training for a 10k run in a couple in a couple of weeks, which I’m most likely to have a hangover with.

Anyway, thanks to Wynsors for letting me get involved, I’ll be pulling out some of these moves on the dance floor again (including an arm move that I can’t seem to do again – seriously.) If you want to see me in action, or perhaps buy a pair of the shoes yourself they’re available here.

Here’s to the dad dancers, may you keep embarrassing your children forever.

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