Guess who’s back…

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, got some great posts coming up including some fantastic i-Spy books that I was sent! Been a bit wild recently because I’ve had some issues with my house and on top of that sprained my ankle so wasn’t able to visit the gym or even leave the house. Thankfully I am on the road to recovery once again.

Even though my inbox fills up quite quickly I did spot this in celebration of National Oyster Day, and those of you that know me know how much of an oyster lover I am. So much so that I’m going to probably post some recipes in the near future!

Anyway, if I wasn’t going to see the fantastic Don Broco tonight I’d probably be taking me and my good lady out to experience Oysters in a fancy restaurant (oh, no wait, I’ve got a 1.95-year-old, I won’t be…) but if I did [and had disposable income] I’d be tempted by this, the £36,000 date proposal! The cost is pretty high but with Dom Perignon coming in at a delicious £423 you can see where the money goes!

Probably can’t afford that, but I do like a Nando’s – feel like it’s probably more apt to my budget!

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