Pan Fried Halibut at Gusto Cookridge

Recently, I was very excited to visit a restaurant fairly closely to my work.

The brilliant Gusto in Cookridge.

There aren’t many places in the near vicinity to my office that I am aware of where you can dine as finely as this at lunchtime.

Whilst Stables Inn is close enough, I feel like they’ve lost their way recently and had a couple of bad experiences unfortunately. Thankfully Gusto is on a different level.

I originally ordered the Monkfish but after getting a call to let us know there had been a slight supply issue (always a good sign because you see first hand that it’s freshly sourced!) but if I believed in such a thing, I would say this was destiny.

Opting for the delectable pan-fried halibut with basil butter, smoked garlic and aubergine puree. Created by Sebastian Polakowski from Gusto Manchester at the House of Peroni in London, this was absolutely stunning. Whilst the starter of calamari was great, it was far surpassed by this main.

Whilst it looks pricey on the menu, you are paying for absolute quality.

I can’t wait to return.

Wow. 5/5

Also, get the beer that accompanied my meal was beautiful…


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