The Nursery Nightmare

The little one started nursery this week.

It’s the all day every day lifestyle that she is not accustomed to. It’s the baptism of fire into the real world. I think that is fair at 2 years old.

Dropping her off was weird, turns out that she wasn’t too happy. In fact on day 2, as soon as we pulled into the car park and she saw the building she screamed.

What’s she’s forgetting is that she is yet to receive her first council tax bill, be fired from her job in Spain (it was a language barrier), break up with her first partner, burn a steak or even comprehend the crippling debt that will be upon her shoulder when she inevitable becomes a student.

Anyway, she cried her eyes out when I dropped her off and picked her up on day 1, she screamed all day. All day.

Day 2 was an improvement but we’ll see what happens for the rest of the week… #FingersCrossed

Also, if you’re reading this and don’t have kids but are considering it… childcare is f*****g expensive.

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