Hallowscream at York Maze

It’s that time of year again, my favourite, where I go from haunt to haunt scaring myself silly.

Between myself, the Yorkshire Dad and my weird-and-Welsh friend Matt we’ve hit up some of the greatest ones that the country has to offer. Farmageddon was always top of the list, but last year, Hallowscream managed to top them all! Unfortunately this year was a very different story.

Everything this year seemed stripped back this year, walking through the attractions there didn’t seem to be hardly any actors. In fact, in a lot of them, we were walking through aesthetically well designed rooms but that’s the point… walking through, not screaming, not even jumping (other than a mild electric shock in the Difference Engine).

Last year they made full use of the maze, a huge ingredient in it’s atmosphere and more than successful jump scares – this year, no maze. No scares.

There was a couple of fun moments, when we entered the park, there was the main clown with his chainsaw, terrifying a middle-aged lady on the floor. Also, when we were in the bar said clown appeared again, and jumped on the table scaring some teens.

What could have been brilliant unfortunately wasn’t. You need to up your game Hallowscream.

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