York Chocolate Story, Never Again…

OK, this is a bit of a weird one. Reading through Trip Advisor reviews are enough to put you off, but I thought I would go against the grain and take us all anyway. Mistake? Maybe. No, scratch that. Absolutely.

Whilst it’s slightly overpriced – it’s not miles away from what I’d expect to pay in the centre of York. This said, the tour guide was either out of his depth, or, just not very good.

Our tour guide was a Penn Jillette lookalike, but with less charisma and charm. Probably seems a bit  harsh, but it’s a billed as a family attraction and when handing out chocolate, he purposefully kept missing out my daughter. Yes, she’s young, but she had just as much right to be there as anyone else.

There’s no doubt, she was being a bit of a monkey that day, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a 2 year old. This said, when the guide gets a bit pee-d off because she’d touched one of the interactive chocolate processes (which wasn’t spoiling anyone’s day as we were stood at the end to make sure!) he made a comment that made me feel uncomfortable, and if it wasn’t for the fact my parking was running out I would have 100% put a complaint in and probably asked for a refund.

We went on one of the special Trick or Treat tours so we were ‘tricked’ at the end into paying for a garlic flavoured chocolate. (When I say paid [it was included but the other option was raspberry and lime so disappointed to say the least]).

Would I recommend? Absolutely not. Stay a million miles away. Tourist trap of the highest order.  Trust the trip advisor reviews – they’re right. Never before has a business needed a kick up the bum so much.

Go to Rustique in York instead, spend your money on a delicious lunch.

Avoid York Chocolate Story like the plague unless you want to pay £10 for a small chocolate lolly and a man suffering from a superiority complex.


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