Money Money Money!

Skint Black Friday, Cyber Monday, spend, spend, spend!

Having a family adds up cost wise. Everyone said having kids would be expensive but I thought it would be a few nappies and a tin of milk. Turns out I massively underestimated.

I’m trying to get a hold of my finances, I got in a little debt when I was younger and (whilst it was easy to get into) it’s not so easy to get out of. I discovered an app today called Money Dashboard. I was dubious about putting my bank details in but I’d read up and made a decision to risk it. Having some key visuals is really useful and it helps you see where you’re spending your money and what you spend it on in a handy graph.

There’s a great post here by Parents Need about creating and living within an effective budget. A very useful site to visit (especially if your child is screaming and you need some help/reassurance!)

Anyway, with Christmas approaching, I’m terrified about the amount I hear people spending on presents and have asked my family to hold back until the sales if they really want to get something/want something from me.

I obviously don’t want to be a Scrooge – but still – I would like to have some money saved for emergencies eventually.

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