Pintura Leeds

Tapas! Tapas! Tapas! Sometimes done well, sometimes absolutely abysmal. Thankfully Pintura falls into the first category. Although they offer delicious food, and a twist on traditional tapas, this probably isn’t one for those on a budget.

Whilst not overly expensive, I think it would be unfair to categorise these guys on the budget end of the spectrum.

Pintura Tapas Leeds

Pintura Leeds

There is superb drinks menu, and the food was delicious. We opted for Pato Ahumado (Smoked Duck with Celeriac Remoulade), Morcilla y pancetta (Black Pudding, Egg, Bacon and Ketchup – an English Breakfast if you will) – odd but nice choice, and Pinchos Moruno (Skewered Lamb). We also got other food from the specials board but I can’t remember what now – but I’m sure it was lovely.

Breakfast Tapas

The food overall was delicious all round, the service was really good, we felt well looked after without making us feel uncomfortable. A minor criticism  that I did have was with the lamb dish, it did seem like it was a bit of the pricey side for what we got but other than that a nice experience all round.

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