Our Welsh Adventure

Ever booked an impromptu holiday by accident? Yeah, me too. Anyway, this was a weird but exciting one. We fancied a cheeky weekend away somewhere that wasn’t going to cost the earth and we’d enjoy as a family, I’d only been to Wales once when I was younger so I thought it was appropriate we made our return. Snowdonia sounded nice, and off we went.

We stayed at the Royal Goat Hotel in Beddgelert, I was initially a little worried as I read mixed reviews, but we had nothing to worry about whatsoever. The room was lovely, the staff were fantastic and the food was absolutely top notch. One of the nights we also ventured a bit further (literally a 2 minute walk) to the Tanronnen Inn for food too, it was nice enough, but the vibe at the Royal Goat definitely slightly took the edge.

Sky at Colwyn


Elisha Lemur Snake House
Beautiful View

Tree Monkey

Tree Monkey

Not one to shy away from excursions, we ventured out to the Welsh Mountain Zoo. It’s great, and having a 2 year old with us, the play park they have there is absolutely superb, although it’s difficult to get her away from it. And if I’m telling the truth, I quite enjoyed it too.

Situated on a hill facing out with stunning views across the bay, it’s worth a visit just for the view. Although be careful on the roads en route, as they can be quite narrow! I’d absolutely recommend a visit.

It was a brief but enjoyable break, lovely people. If you ever fancy a last minute trip, I’d absolutely recommend visiting the beautiful Beddgelert.


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