Fazenda – Leeds

What can I say, all you can eat meat. The carnivorous amongst you will absolutely bloody love it.


After an on-going argument with my better half about what medium-rare is meant to look like (she was obviously wrong, and thought medium to well was medium rare…) we decided to visit Fazenda. Fully booked on the website but I decided to use my charm, and “industry knowledge” – some of you will realise I am talking utter bol***ks here – but I thought it was worth risking, as any restaurant worth it’s salt keeps walk-ins open, you never know when the secret Michelin inspector is going to turn up.

Malbec Malbec

The food was delicious, and for the braver amongst you, chicken hearts, they’re a delicacy, but I can still see why they aren’t an everyday snack here.

It’s hard to review the food, because it was just delicious steak, after delicious steak. If you’ve never been, it also has the best salad bar in Leeds by a long mile, in fact, you could have a meal just from the salad bar, and it’d be stunning still.


Hats off to our waiter too, as regular readers will know, my favourite wine, and what should be yours is a bottle of Malbec. Elisha not so much. We opted for one, but were upsold on a Vista Flores Catena. Even if they were just trying to flog it so they could get new stock, I was pretty pleased with the drink.

Chocolate Truffles

After eating so much, we made it to the bar for follow up drinks. A bit drunk at this point. We dared to order from the dessert menu. Absolutely incredible, those churros were magnificent, the chocolates too, very nice.

All in all, a beautiful night with a beautiful girl.

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