Alton Towers

As a kid I was terrified to even walk past the ghost train. In fact I would make my entire family take the inconvenient route to other rides by walking half way around the park.

Cue to now, I absolutely love scares and rides. This is why I couldn’t wait to jump on board the fabulous new Wicker Man coaster at Alton Towers!

Whilst it won’t top the brilliance of the Smiler as a wooden coaster it still thrills (especially after a fun pre-ride surprise)! We stayed in the Alton Towers hotel and visited Splash Landings as we do every year, and got up early to jump on board. After queuing for about an hour and ready to board the next ride a voiceover told us (very well themed I must add) that the ride was down for the foreseeable future. However, I waited in line for the next 30 mins or so and finally got ushered on. I’d reccomend a go!

One of the main reasons I picked Alton Towers though was due to CBeebies land being on offer. The Furchester show is a superb addition and perfect for kids (and those young at heart!) Postman Pat’s ride is great for kids and Charlie and Lola were met with a smile too!

Splash landings is superb, one of the things I was most impressed with is the common sense approach to their water slides meaning that I could safely board with my little one on the fun outside slides that she absolutely loved! The warm pool at the bottom is also lots of fun (especially after being in one of the colder pools!)

Our room was nice, a double bed, bunk beds, a good woodland view and just all around pleasant.

We ventured out to a busy restaurant, the crooked spoon in the woodland village and although front of house probably could’ve done slightly better our waiter was charismatic, polite, warm and funny. I half expected the food to be awful but it was decent, and perfect for the end of a busy day when you want to relax with a beer.


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