Sleep in your own bed!

A few years ago, somebody tried to break into my flat. They were thankfully unsuccessful but I did get a visit from a policeman later on in the day to take a statement.

Said police-person also came into the house and realised I was expecting a child, well, not me personally but you know what I mean.

The best advice he could give me at the time, “sleep”.

I laughed.

How wrong I was, I can’t believe how much sleep I wasted pre-child.

She’s now going through a stage of sleeping in her own bed, and then wandering into mine in the middle of the night when I really can’t be bothered putting her back.

It’s a nightmare, I genuinely can count on one hand the amount of full nights sleep I’ve had since she was born.

We invested in a Gro Clock which is great, and no doubt has helped settle her initially, and does encourage her to wait for the sun before she comes into our room.

This said, she’s stubborn. Even last night, I left her in my bed, jumped in hers and she followed me in.

I’ve been awake since 3am, I don’t think I’m miles away from a nervous breakdown. I love her, but I also love sleep!

My advice to parents, if you have kids who sleep through, you are lucky.

If you’re a parent to be, sleep. Sleep now whilst you have the chance. If not you’ll be cradling a baby at 2am watching reruns of Peep Show through blinkered eyes.

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